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Simple Stripe x Xero Synchronisation

SubSync brings together two of the most powerful apps available to small business business – Stripe & Xero

Our two way integration ensures that you have all of your Stripe invoices in both systems all the time.

Read how BuildPass streamlined their Stripe to Xero integration using SubSync.


Updates to Stripe created invoices are instantly replicated into Xero. Any errors are captured in the SubSync console, then can be reprocessed with ease


Deep links to documents in both directions with PDF’s available in both Stripe and Xero

Product or Account

By configuring Stripe to Xero products or accounts to allow for detailed level reporting in both platforms


Be up and running in a few minutes by linking Stripe and Xero within the SubSync console


Get 1 month free on any annual plan.
Up to 50 transactions

40 AUD
42 NZD
21 GBP
25 USD

Per Month ex GST

51 to 150 transactions

80 AUD
85 NZD
41 GBP
53 USD

Per Month ex GST

151 to 300 transactions

100 AUD
105 NZD
52 GBP
66 USD

Per Month ex GST

Over 300 transactions


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By automatically synchronising Stripe created invoices in Xero not only do you save hours of manual work you also enable detailed level reporting in both platforms.

Other key features include:

  • Map non-standard tax rates
  • Multi stripe to multi Xero integration
  • Mark as paid in either system

More to come…..
Stay tuned for new features being released all the time!