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Why Finlert

We get a kick out of creating products, to make peoples work lives better

It might sound a bit corny or cliche but it is true. Often it is a simple solution that can make a big difference to your life at work. Finlert was founded to give you solutions for those problems that seem small but take up way more time then they should. All of our products are designed to be simple which is what our customers love. Not every product needs bells and whistles.

Our Story

Having spent careers working in and around product development, technology strategy, complex enterprise solutions and data, both of our founders have extensive experience and understanding of what makes a good product. We also understand that small business need to be supported by straightforward products and solutions.

Nathan and Peter came together with a view of creating simple lovable products that will provide a big impact to small business.

Being based on Dharawal Country in Wollongong NSW, the team originally worked from the iAccelerate campus of UOW. While we have moved out into our corporate office, our team of experienced developers is combined with a strong team of UOW student resources (Computing Science + UI/UX design students) to give us a holistic but ever fresh approach.

Our Team

Nathan, Sandon, Hayden, Stevie & Pete

Here for you

Get in touch for a discussion here.

What’s Next

Will be releasing updates regularly.

Where to find us

Dharawal Country, Wollongong NSW, Australia