Leave in your calendar automagically

With Finlert's LeaveCal and Xero, visibility of employee leave has never been easier.

Bring your employee leave into you Google Calendar, Outlook & others in seconds.

Connect to your calendar

Connect to your calendar of choice whether it's Gmail, Outlook or any mobile device we have you covered.


Share calendars with your team to ensure everyone knows who's in.


Create automatic leave alerts by department and frequency.

Capacity alerts

Schedule capacity alerts so you know how much your team can really get through this week.


Up to 5 employees


6 - 10 employees


11 - 20 employees


21 - 50 employees


51+ employees



Integration + Security

Our FAQs will guide you through all setup queries to help you share, customise and edit your alerts and calendars.

We've also addressed common security questions and we're here to help if you need any further information.

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